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Air Conditioning Repair Near Me

Air Conditioning Repair / November 12, 2023

“These guys are great!! I have had them service my home for years and couldn't be more happy with the professionalism, quality and the A+ service they have provided each and every time! I would recommend Pruitt to anyone wanting honest, quick and professional service for a very great price!”

- lburgess

Great pricing & service!


5 5 1

“Crew showed up early, installed and did everything that was asked. Very polite and did an excellent job with everything.”

- jclarke

Got It Done!

“Tickled to work with Dennis Pruitt and his team. They were on time, clean, professional, and worked into the evening to get us going in our new HVAC unit. Everything works! If I could now keep my wife off the awesome new Nexia controlled thermostat”

- parkeyt

Give them a call!

“I was proactively changing out my downstairs zone. I knew I wanted Trane equipment and I also needed some ductwork redone so I could finish part of the basement. I solicited 5 bids. Pruitt was not my cheapest bid (they were 2nd lowest) but they were the most creative with handling a troublesome return reroute. 2 man crew, completed the job in one day. Also, included in the price was a health check on my existing upstairs zone. Great job by Pruitt!”

- crule00

Fast and friendly service

“We called Pruitt Heating & Air for their "clean and check". Our call was scheduled for between 9 and 12 pm; the office called my husband at 10:00 and said the technician was on the way, and he arrived about 30 minutes later. He explained everything he was doing with our furnace to my husband and cleaned up around the furnace in our attic space. He even showed my husband how to program our thermostat, and cleaned off the outside unit. Great service and a super nice service man.”

- SandyJS

Excellent Company & Excellent Service

“Being a senior citizen on a budget, I appreciate the discount given on my new thermostat, and the technician was very helpful in explaining how to operate the new thermostat. The serviceman came when the office said he would, and they even called to let me know he was on the way. I'm referring them to everyone I know at my Senior Center.”

- muggs

Excellent Service and Very Professional AC Repair

“I have (2) 4 ton Trane heat pumps installed in my home. Unfortunately one of the units required service in Feb. The compressor locked up and the outside unit had to be replaced. I was very disappointed. Each unit was only 7 ? years old. I checked with several companies before selecting Pruitt. Dennis runs a very professional operation. His staff was prompt, polite, they did excellent work, removed the old equipment including all the trash and he even called me afterwards to make sure I was satisfied with the installation. I believe his price was fair and he didn?t try to sell me equipment I didn?t need. A few of the other companies I spoke with suggested replacing the air handler even though mine worked fine and is a top of the line variable speed unit. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about my experience with Pruitt Heating and Air. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing HVAC service. I will definitely use Pruitt again when necessary.”

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