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Friedrich Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioning Repair / November 30, 2022

I purchased a Friedrich Portable AC model P12B A in August 2013. I have used it no more than five times. I used it last Friday and will never use it again. The unit overheated and did not warn me or shut off. I just noticed after six hours of use the room was warmer than when I had first turned it on. I touched the window by the exhaust and nearly burned my hand. The unit had the potential to cause a house fire. I have two of these units. Only one did this.

I called Friedrich and they are not concerned with the danger of this product. I will have to pay for the unit to be repaired. They may cover the cost of the part. It will be just as cost effective to buy a new unit. This time from another manufacturer. Friedrich didn't even seem concerned to find out the cause. I'll never buy another product from them! Unfortunately, I bought three Friedrich units that summer, trusting the company from its prior reputation. They all have their issues. However, almost causing a fire is huge! Friedrich does not care about consumer safety. I'll never trust them again!