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Appliance Repair Orange Park Florida

Appliance Repairs / July 31, 2023

Recent Requests for Small and Major Appliance Maintenance or Repair in Orange Park, Florida:

Project Location: Orange Park, FL 32073

Brand Name of Appliance: Roper

Power Source of Appliance: Electric

Nature of Problem: Not functioning properly

Is this an emergency?: No

Request Stage: Ready to Hire

Desired Completion Date: Today

What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

After Business Hours: No

Comment: dryer won't heat.

For installs, have you already purchased the freezer?: Yes

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

For installs, have you already purchased the freezer?: No

Plumbing Repairs: Gets too cold, Doesn't get cold enough

Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

Project Location: Orange Park, FL 32065

For installs, what type is it?: Repair a fridge

Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

Comment: Coils inside refrigerator keep icing up making frig and freezer warm. If I deice it will work again. I have replaced the heater element at the bottom of the coils and the thermostat at the top but about every 2 weeks I have to defrost the coils. Its a GE model GSS25JERF CC about 10 years old.

Brand Name of Appliance: LG

Nature of Problem: Water is leaking

Comment: Water inlet valve needs to be replaced. on LG Model No. LFX25975ST

Brand Name of Appliance: Maytag

Nature of Problem: Not functioning at all

Comment: This Maytag washer is 30+ years old.

Comment: 1995 Kenmore refrigerator is loosing cooling ability. Don't know if the coils are dirty or loosing freon. Still makes and keeps ice, but not quite up to temperature in freezer or refrigerator. Thermostat has never been moved from initial setting in 22 years. That's why we have noticed the change.

Project Location: , FL 32073

Brand Name of Appliance: Other/Don't know

Comment: I need to get someone to fix my dishwasher as it is not turning.

Brand Name of Appliance: Frigidaire

Comment: Gasket on front loading washer needs to be replaced. I have the gasket I just need the expertise to do it.

Date: 03/2017

Appliance Type:: Range / wall oven

Brand Name of Appliance: Samsung

Comment: Display light on keyboard partially out

Type of Service: Repair a refrigerator

Appliance Type:: Refrigerator or freezer

Brand Name of Appliance: Admiral

Comment: if the estimate for repair is not free than the pro should not contact me.

Appliance Type:: Clothes washer

Comment: Washer srarts and stop during wash

Brand Name of Appliance: GE

Comment: having problems changing the water filter on a GE refrigerator

Comment: MAYTAG refrigerator side by side MODEL # MF I2569VE82 This morning noticed the door panel for ice, water, temp change, lock, etc. was dark. I could press buttons to make lights come on but no ice and no water.

Appliance Type:: Dishwasher

Brand Name of Appliance: Whirlpool

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