The fix Don performed so it would be safe and secure. AC units

Appliance Repair Sunnyvale

Appliance Repairs / January 17, 2023

Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 227-2600

Worth the 5 stars. Washing Machine stopped agitating, which made me extremely agitated. All the reviews looked great so I messaged them and boom, they were here a day after the message exchange. On time and everything! 30 minutes later and a new switch in the machine I was no longer agitated and my 2001 Maytag was the one agitating. Will call again to have them look at my lower oven.

I had an issue with an "in-cabinet" microwave that is about 4 1/2 yrs old. Tom and Valerie took good care of me with prompt and accurate service. Very reasonable and great people. Will call upon them again for any type of repair needed. Thank you Tom and Valerie! Kevin

Really like it! You must got a 5 starts... I had water leaking at the freezer and no ice maker working problem. I called several company and left message, but ACE Appliance only answered my phone and schedule me right away. Even they came out on time and they know how to fix it. I really enjoy for their service and will recommend to all my friends. You guys awesome service and customer care. Thank you...

Had some maintenance and service work done on the dryer earlier - they did a very good job and certainly recommended. Do keep it up.

We have called ACE several times over the years - dishwasher, microwave, and now our refrigerator. They are terrific from the moment they answer the phone. Tom is incredibly knowledgeable and fantastic. Monte is great, too. I would recommend them to anyone and do!

These folks are great. We had a 'stuck' oven door, due to a broken hinge, and Tom was able to remove the door - get the part ordered (and installed when the part arrived) - all very quickly. While we were waiting for the part to come in (this took about a week), Tom was able to get the oven functional (1 - removing the bad hinge, and unbending it, and applying WD, to allow it to 'work'; 2 - swapping the door with bent hinge with the lower overn door - that was rarely used) immediately - so being paced by the arrival of the part was not an inconvenience. Neat, courteous, skilled, and very knowledgeable. Tom was able to give us some pointers regarding some minor issues that we were having with a couple of other appliances (Stove, and dishwasher). Their phone scheduling (I believe Valerie) and updates were also excellent (courteous, asking the right questions, and providing clear - and accurate - schedule expectations). I understand why this place gets all of their 5 stars.

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