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AC Repair Raleigh, NC

Car Ac Repair / November 1, 2022

"I was having a problem with the heat on my downstairs HVAC system. It was 9:15pm, and I wasn’t sure whether to call now or wait till the morning. I decided to call, and much to my surprise, someone answered the phone. She was very helpful and polite, and scheduled for a technician to come out first thing in the morning. The technician arrived promptly at 8am and began checking the system out. Before performing any repair, he came back to me and explained exactly what the problem was and told me the price to repair it. Within an hour, my system was back up and running and we had heat in the house once again. I am very impressed and happy with Air Works from the moment I called all the way through the entire process. If I ever have a problem with my HVAC systems again, you have my business. Thank You."

"In all of our moves and relocations, Air Works is the best company we have ever hired. From products and equipment to knowledge, service, professionalism, etc., they are truly the best."

"We are very pleased with the quality and cost savings from our new system. The contractor did an excellent job explaining all options and repairing any problems with the existing duct work."

"My wife and I have a rental property in Cary, NC. Air Works has provided service to the AC unit at that property on 3 different occasions. In every case, someone answered the call within 3 rings and was cheerful and very helpful. The receptionist was always able to give me a general idea of when the service person would be on site to analyze the problem. Since the property is renter occupied, Air Works has always been willing to coordinate an acceptable time with the renter. This has saved me a lot of time and I thank you. The service times have always been better than thought. Being an absentee owner, the service that Air Works has provided is exceptional. Thanks Air Works – keep up the great job."

"Air Works was recommended to me by my brother, who said he was very happy with the job that they did at his house. I am very glad that I took his recommendation. I have been completely satisfied with their service through the entire process. It is wonderful to find a good company. I will use them again if I have any HVAC problems in the future."