Generator Repair Services

Car Ac Repair / December 14, 2022

In many areas of the United States, businesses and homeowners wouldn’t think to include a generator as part of their electrical system. In Myrtle Beach, weather events such as hurricanes and natural disasters like floods are part of life on the coast. Even a strong solar flare can take down sections of the United States electrical grid. Not being prepared for such events can be catastrophic, particularly for businesses with refrigeration units and products requiring temperature control. The best way to make sure your home or business is prepared for loss of electricity that can occur during natural or weather events is to have a well-maintained generator. Carolina Cool’s generator experts ensure you are ready should the need arise. We offer:

  • Installation & Repair of All Types and Brands of Generators for Myrtle Beach Businesses and Homes
  • Regular Service Maintenance 1-2 Times Annually (As Recommended by Generator Brand)
  • Safety Inspections & Written Certificates of Compliance
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Block Heater Testing
  • Inspection of All Lines and Hoses for Leaks or Damage
  • Repair of Broken or Damaged Fuel Lines
  • Repair of Broken or Damaged Motors, Fans & Other Components
  • Replacement of Blown Fuses in Control Panel
  • Replacement of Worn Spark Plugs
  • Replacement of Battery Every 2-3 Years (As Recommended by Generator Brand)
  • Repair Damage Caused by Debris, Weather & Animals or Vermin
  • Reliable, Same Day, 24-7 Emergency Service

Having a generator is an important consideration for businesses and homes in Myrtle Beach, however, keeping them well-maintained is necessary to provide optimal performance when you need it. The generator experts at Carolina Cool are there to keep you operational when the power goes out. Call us today to inquire about generator installation or service at (843) 213-2050!