IFix and Repair Outlet in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

IFix and Repair

Car Ac Repair / March 20, 2024

Are you obsessed with all things tech? Do you love to get your hands on obsolete devices just so you can open them up? Are you the world’s best gamer, but need to come up for air and make some cash? Apple disciple? PCs more your thing?

Then consider joining the team of tech wizards at iFixandRepair. We welcome applications from ambitious, hard-working and smart people like you, regardless of where you live.

Check out our current openings. And if we don’t have a position available near you at the moment, please email us your resume for future consideration.

Salary: $13.00 plus bonus if store hits goals General responsibilities: Must be able to MANUALLY diagnose and repair all components in Cell Phones, Game Consoles, and Tablets. Must be up to date with modern technology, as well as familiar with all network carriers and current phones. Must be able to provide an excellent customer service experience. Good[…]

This is an exciting chance to work with iFixandRepair, a Leading Electronics Repair Company as a Multi-Store Manager/Sales Leader. We are looking for a proficient Sales Leader to manage a busy retail location while also helping with the repairing / refurbishing of cellular phones, tablets, computers and game consoles with advanced customer services skills and oversee the[…]

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