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Air conditioning Repair Kit for car

Car Air Conditioning / October 4, 2016

AC Compressor and Components KitOur auto air conditioning kits provide comprehensive value and the ultimate in convenient, affordable AC replacements.

It is recommended to test your car AC system to ensure proper function. Early spring is always a great time to run a maintenance check - if you wait too long, you may be without your air conditioning system in the middle of summer, and nobody wants to ride around in a sweltering, stuffy car.

Your AC's Oil - Don't Forget the Lubricant!

Without good compressor oil, your AC system would shut down within minutes of regular operation. Aside from pure lubrication, the compressor oil also keeps the interior rubber rings, seals and other components from leaking. One small leak can spell doom for your compressor.

What type of compressor oil should you buy? A highly-rated temperature resistant oil will help your AC system run the way it's supposed to. Most AC Compressor and Components Kits available at include compatible compressor oil, so you don't have to worry about buying the "right" kind - it's already included with your purchase!

Optimize Your Purchasing Power with an AC Compressor and Components Kit

Why are our AC Compressor and Components Kits such a great buy?

  • All-in-one convenience. No more sourcing your parts from different sources. Most of our auto air conditioning repair kits include a receiver / dryer, AC compressor, new liquid line, new O-rings and compressor oil. Imagine buying all those parts and components separately - save hassle (and plenty of money) with an AC Compressor and Components Kit from
  • OEM quality, great prices. All of the parts included with our AC Compressor and Components Kits are made to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. And that's great news for anyone with one eye on the bottom line and another on their car's air conditioning.
  • They pass the inspection test. Every AC Compressor and Components Kit has been quality inspected, so you know you're getting the best possible replacement components for your car AC system. It's still a good idea to inspect your AC Compressor and Components Kit when it arrives; this will help you avoid problems with removal or installation.
  • Kit pricing means you win. Putting everything into a kit means we get to maximize efficiency, which means you get cheaper prices. Not only do you get every part you need to actually do the AC repair done right, but you save hundreds by buying them all together. If you are in need of an AC compressor, we highly recommend buying our AC Compressor and Components Kit.

When it comes to no-hassle auto air conditioning repair, has everything you need. If you need help locating a particular AC Compressor and Components Kit for your car, call our cooling experts today at (888) 907-7225. We're a premium provider of auto air conditioning kits for virtually any domestic or import car. Just browse our extensive selection of car air conditioning system kits and see for yourself! Plus, we have an impressive lineup of online resources and tools - including our popular Buyer's Guides - to help with all of your other car projects.

Even if your system is still working for the most part, it may still be time to consider putting in a new AC Compressor and Components Kit. Because let's face it, those factory cost-cutting measures likely mean the car air conditioning system that came stock in your car doesn't actually keep you as cool as you'd like to be. Not just on hot days, but the days you need it most. Stock AC Compressor and Components Kits don't typically lower temperatures as well as the top performing systems, so most of us could do well to upgrade, in the interest of maintaining a comfortable driving environment. And just because it's not vital to engine operation doesn't mean it doesn't have impact on how well your car runs. A low functioning air conditioning system will reduce your effective miles per gallon, costing you more money over time than a system that can handle your climate control needs more efficiently.