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Auto air conditioning Nottingham

Car Air Conditioning / September 13, 2022

Winter is now here. Time to give your car a safety check over. We will check your lights, battery, tyres and antifreeze free of charge. Just give us a call.

We are a small family run Garage Services, established in the Bingham area for over 5 years.

We maintain all makes and models of cars and small commercial vehicles, specializing in Diagnostics, servicing and air conditioning.

We offer a free tyre check and are agents for Evergreen tyres, the only ones to offer a tyre life time guarantee.

So whether you require a major service, a small repair or just a bit of advice you can rely on our team to help you.


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Services and Products

  • Garage Services
  • Car Servicing & Light Commercials
  • All brand of tyres supplied and fitted
  • Evergreen tyre agent
  • Four wheel alignment
  • wheel balancing
  • Tyre repairs
  • Tyre fitting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Competitive Quotes
  • Car diagnostics
  • Batteries
  • Car air conditioning
  • Brakes & clutches
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Car servicing
  • Accredited Klarius Exhaust, Cat & DPF Centre


A good garage is hard to find...

and Trev, Neil and Lynn run a great garage. Ive been using Bingham Auto Care ever since they set up at the Railway crossing and wouldn't take our cars anywhere else now, be that for services or repairs.

Older vehicle or brand new, nothing is too much trouble, the work is done to a great standard and you'll never take your vehicle in for one job and have a list as long as your arm come back (as seems to happen with main dealers).

Highly recommended.

A great

Trevor and his team are real professionals.
The clutch went in our Bipper van, Trevor identified the problem immediately, clearly explained the options & costs, collected, repaired and billed exactly as he quoted. On time, on budget, no messing around...terrific service all round.

Highly rated garage, exceptional

I have recently moved to Bingham and after realising that I needed to have my car checked out immediately, I found Bingham Auto Care Centre via the Yell web site. From the first moment that I rang the garage, I knew that I had made the right decision to take my car to this garage. Nothing was too much trouble, I was consulted before any work was done on my car and the repairs that were carried out were excellent and much cheaper than expected. Trevor and his family offered me the service of a genuinely reputable garage, which I would highly recommend to anyone. They are committed to the interests of the customer, I would trust them completely to carry out any future repairs if ever required and complete my next MOT. A pleasure to do business with. I am delighted to know that Bingham Auto Centre is based only a mile from my home, it gives me peace of mind.
Fiona, Bingham, Nottingham.

Great Job On Brake Change

Had quite a few bad experiences with getting brakes changed, so much so I converted to doing most of my cars myself. However this time round I just didn't have the time or the experience. Called Bingham Auto Care and immediatel felt like I was in the hands of professionals. Trevor knew what he was talking about and was more oriented about the job rather than the price. He called me every step of the way and involved me in decisions which most mechanics wouldn't even bother doing. At the end of it I got a top class job, with the pads and discs I requested at the best price available (beat the price I got online). Will now book in for all my future services and any other work I need doing. Highly recommend, look nowhere else as you will not get a better job or price.

Went for an engine diagnostic and the staff were straight on with the job, found the problem and gave me some great advice (not to mention free engine diagnostics for 6 months if the light comes back on).

I have used this garage many a time, and it was fantastic, always happy to help and find problems I couldn't see! giving me choices of how to repair, rather than having a unexpected ridiculous bill at the end of the day! very welcoming, very efficient and would definitely recommend to anyone.

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