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Car air conditioning Service Christchurch

Car Air Conditioning / April 19, 2023

We only use ozone friendly refrigerant R134a

The only two refrigerant gases approved for automotive use are R134A and R12. The latter was used almost exclusively up until 1994. R12 is however a ozone depleting gas and has been banned.

Unicool service department is fully equipped with the latest equipment and qualified technicians Unicool offer a de gasing service so that old refrigerant is disposed of correctly and not vented in any way to the atmosphere.

Air conditioning systems need regular servicing to ensure that the system is working to peak efficiency. A system low on gas or poorly maintained can increase fuel consumption. In the same way that the rest of your car needs servicing and inspecting, so does your air conditioning. Just as engines need oil, so do air conditioning systems. Oil can be lost if small leaks go undetected, and lack of lubrication and servicing can lead to expensive repairs. We recommend a full service every two years, which includes the following...

* Inspect compressor mount and drive for security
* Inspect drive belts and change or retention as necessary
* Inspect condenser for leaks or damage
* Check condition and routing of all hoses and wiring
* Replace system filter
* Check compressor oil level and top up as required
* Recover, vacuum and fully recharge system
* Carry out full system operational check to ensure no faults exist
* Replace cabin pollen filter if fitted
* Carry out full leak check of system

If an air conditioning system develops a problem (for example a leaking component) and is left unrepaired, moisture can accumulate inside the system, leading to internal corrosion and ultimately more expense. If you know that your air conditioning is not working properly, it would certainly be wise to have it inspected sooner rather than later. Our expert technicians will quickly pin point any problems and explain it to you in a language that is easy to understand.

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