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Mobile car air conditioning recharge

Car Air Conditioning / September 9, 2022

Air Conditioner

Need Air Conditioner Repair? No problem, an Air Conditioner Service is one of our specialties!

We at Tires and Auto can help you with all of your auto repairs and vehicle maintenance needs. It doesn’t end at tires and mufflers, if you have car problems that need to be solved withair conditioner repair, we are here for you. If you live in the areas of Elk River, Otsego, & Zimmerman, MN, our auto repair shop is the best choice, not just for air conditioner service but for everything that your car problems may need.

You may notice that sometimes your air conditioner isn’t doing its job. It can make some loud, irritating noises, and worse – it blows hot air when you place the dial on cold. These are a few signs that your car air conditioner repair needs to be checked. We do that for you. We have certified technicians that tests and diagnoses your car with air conditioner service for any unusual occurrences. These technicians can also perform the air conditioner repair your car may need, saving you time and effort.

Remember that the air conditioner gets its operating power from the engine. Therefore it may affect the fuel economy and lessen it by about 20 to 30% for some vehicle types. This is why it is always safe to have your car air conditioner checked as soon as you notice anything unusual. The problem may be solved with an air conditioning recharge or it can be much simpler or worse, but it is always safe to turn to the experts.

It is also a known fact that driving with the auto air conditioner on is more fuel efficient compared to driving with the windows down. Why? It’s technically because driving with the windows down may cause drag, and this will make your engine work harder – which would require more fuel.

Here at our auto service shop, we can provide you with air conditioner services such as leak tests (by using an approved electronic leak detector), air conditioning recharge, manually and visually inspecting the air conditioner components, and running performance tests (state of charge and system control tests) among others. Whatever kind of air conditioner repair you may need, we have an effective solution that would definitely make you happy. You see, whatever kind of air conditioner service you may need, we can cater here at ELK RIVER TIRE and AUTO.

Is your car too hot in Elk River road? Don’t hesitate to visit Elk River tire and auto for your vehicle's Air Conditioner Elk River mn. Call (763) 441-2889

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