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A&E Appliance Repair phone number

Appliance Repairs / March 28, 2024

(800) 862-9226

Feels like a "shake down"...I called GE for warranty repairs on my new fridge. They set the appointment for Tuesday between 8-5. Said I would get a call from technician right before he come to give me a firm time. Day of, get the call...tech comes and both learned together that my fridge is okay, just doesn't work like any other fridge he or I have ever seen. (Filter cartridge has an imbedded RFID tag to track when you change it...off brand cartridges won't have that filter. No info in the owners manual explains this) Anyhow, A&E Factory Services Rep now proceeds to try and collect $150 for a service call. NOT HAPPENING. They need to go to the person at GE that asked them to come out...GE said nothing about pay them if it turns out they can't find anything wrong...pretty sure it is a little side racket they try to pull...watch out!

I gave them one star only because that was the lowest I could. Waited 6 hours for them. No call and no show. Called customer (India) service and no help. Best they could do was come 3 days later. No accommodation to come the next day even though they missed the appointment. Many with the same complaint. Take heed and call someone else.

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