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Appliance Repairs / April 1, 2024

Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 218-1137

FAST SERVICE! Our dryer stopped working last night and we called Torres this morning as a new customer. He came out within 30 minutes and fixed our broken dryer. We will call Torres again!

The guy comes, asks me how much I want to pay to fix the igniter on my stove? I say to him "I don't know how much is the part.". I say "Be honest with me." He says "$65.00" SO I say, I want to pay $100. $35.00 for a half hour of work and 65 for the part.. The guy says no he then says $160, I say $150 he says $160 which gives him about $100 for his pocket. I go in the other room and check on-line for an igniter and it is $20 from Sears and $15 on Amazon.. NO ONE HAS A PRICE of over $50.00 for the part.. I go back in say hey the part is only $20 so why did you say $65. He says well you can order the part and have some one come and put it in closes the oven and leaves.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.. By the way this is the 2nd time we used him the first time we thought we were getting a good deal I just checked those parts and turns out he over charged us for those parts as well. Guess I wont be calling this guy again!!

Washer broke on us, called him and he was quick and affordable. Great service. Will definitely call him again when needed.

I just had my dryer cleaned and repaired by Ignacio. He responds promptly on the phone and his estimates are realistic. He was very professional and even called prior to arriving. I would definitely recommend him and would certainly call him back if other appliances need servicing.

I called Mr. Torres to look at our stacked washer and dryer and to check the oven, since both decided to stop functioning at the same time. He was here within 90 minutes on a Friday afternoon. He examined both appliances at great length before explaining that it was time for each to have a decent burial. He attempted CPR on the oven but it was a goner. He gave me great tips on maintaining appliances and explained what he was doing at all times. Cleaned up after his ministrations and left me feeling that he was well worth the call. Would recommend him for any household appliance.

I was really impressed with the response time and expertise from Ignacio. Not only did he diagnose and fix my dryer, but he also gave me great tips on how to prolong the life of both my washer and dryer. If you're fed up with places like sears appliance repair, I would definitely give Ignacio a call. I'm glad I did.

Ignacio gave us beyond-awesome service for our dishwasher installation. Not only did he arrive right on time, he was courteous and professional. And when he discovered halfway through the process that the store had given him the wrong model, there were no complaints. At our request, he packed it all back up, returned to the store, and got the model we had ordered and payed for. After that, the installation went smoothly, and he was full of good advice for care of the new washer. Highly recommended. We will use him again if we get the opportunity.

Ignacio did the BEST job "reviving" our dishwasher. We had guests coming in two days and our dishwasher just "stopped draining" so we had a mess. Reading the reviews on YELP we called and Ignacio came to our rescue. He diagnosed the problem instantly, took action on the spot so that we could use the dishwasher. He recommended that we have him make some improvements in how the dishwasher drained into the disposal. Once he made these improvements, our dishwasher noise was cut in half! We're now working on a list and look forward to having Ignacio return to finally fix a number of smaller problems. He is the best!

Searched for appliance repair and found these guys. He ordered my part that same day(from Bakersfield) and repaired my washer the next day. He even tightened my garage doorknob when he noticed it was loose. Nice and knowledgable. Would definitely use again.

I called Ignacio since our washer was giving error codes. He happened to be out of town, but he sent over his son within 30 minutes and Fernando was AMAZING! Very respectful, very knowledgable, and spent the time needed to troubleshoot. Would HIGHLY recommend Torres Appliance Repair and will use them for all my future needs. Thank you!

I highly recommend Ignacio and his work for washers, dryers and most appliances (we'll definitely call on him again.) Our washer stopped working, we called on Saturday morning and he was over by that afternoon - same day on a weekend! He explained everything and gave some really great tips to prolong the life of the washer and prevent future problems. He was professional and courteous and it's working good as new now - saved us the cost of buying a new one.

Torres Appliance Repair was efficient, responsive and informative when we requested service for a Maytag dryer that would not start. They solved the problem, found the part and repaired the dryer promptly and with great professionalism.

He fixed the washer/dryer combo too, saving us money on the parts we thought it needed. Just seems to have a better understanding than others of how these machines work.

I called at 9am on a Saturday from San Carlos about my dishwasher being broken. They came at 10 am. They shut off the water. Took the control panel apart. (Turned out it was a loose wire) put it back, left in 20 minutes. Charged me just the trip fee My problem wasn't complex but my experience was great.

He came, he saw, he ordered parts, he conquered. Our washer started spewing water on Saturday morning. Found Torres on Yelp and gave them a call. Ignacio and assistant came on Saturday afternoon and diagnosed the issue (a big hole in the plastic internals due to broken rocker arms that hold the front loading washer compartment). He ordered new parts and said they would arrive on Tuesday, which they did. He installed the new parts that day and the washer is as good as new. Ignacio knows his stuff.

Mr Torres is kind & respectful. Very smart and can diagnosis the problem & fix it quickly. He cares about follow up too. Thank you!! Highly skilled repair man!!

I called Torres Monday and he asked me to text me my address for him to come on Wednesday. I called Wednesday and he said he never got my text and said he will plan on coming Thursday. I called and texted him several times to confirm a time but he did not pick up my call or replied to my text. I was able to get someone immediately that wanted my business more. Unreliable.

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