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Whirlpool Appliance Repair Services

Appliance Repairs / June 30, 2019

Dependable Repair Services is proud to service the various home and commercial kitchen products made by the renowned Whirlpool brand. Whirlpool is esteemed as one of the world’s most well-known washer and dryer brands; however, they are also on the frontier in cooking appliances and refrigeration appliances, all of which Dependable Repair Services can repair and install. Whirlpool is a leading brand in various products including:

  • Ranges
  • Wall Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Cooktops
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ice Makers
  • Dishwashers

If you have any of these products, and you unfortunately experience breakage or malfunction for some reason, your local Dependable Repair Services is your go-to in time of need.

Whirlpool has been in business since 1911 and counting. It was originally founded by Lou Upton his uncle, Emory, and his brother Fred and named the Upton Machine Company. The company grew steadily and soared through the Great Depression. Through the twentieth century, they pioneered to great heights in innovation. They proudly have pioneered in appliance manufacturing and design from the beginning. And today, they have powerfully functional appliances in high demand. However, at Dependable Repair Services, we understand that no appliance is guaranteed to last forever, especially under unfavorable conditions. And as Whirlpool’s line of products grows, with it grows the expertise of Dependable Repair Services to fix all Whirlpool models new and old.

Explosive growth took place after WWII for the Whirlpool Company. Most manufacturers put their expansion and products on hold for the sake of the war, and many large factories were producing war equipment that would be necessary for the military. However, as predicted, after the war ended in 1945, washing machines and dryers and the other household appliances in which Whirlpool manufactured again were in very high demand. This was their most explosive boom up until that time, and they shot up to the front of the pack in the industry with 48 million dollars in sales and 3 million in annual earning. From this point on, Whirlpool has made highly demanded washing machines and dryers. If you have these appliances and ever need them serviced for any reason, just call on Dependable Repair Services. We’re here for you.

Furthermore, as time went on, Whirlpool merged with the Seeger Refrigerator Company and RCA’s air conditioning which expanded the company rollout and breadth of products. So whether it is a Whirlpool refrigerator you own, or a Whirlpool washer or dryer appliance you own, we can help ensure those amenities stay in pristine quality!

New technologies are still being added and the company continues to expand their specialties. And now, Whirlpool is based near Benton Harbor, Michigan Wisconsin and is a greatly successful multinational manufacturer of home appliances. They specialize in commercial and residential large appliance design worldwide, so if you or someone you know has appliances from Whirlpool, but doesn’t want to ship their appliances out to the maker or wait longer periods of time to get their product serviced, come or refer your friend to Dependable Repair Services. We can be in and out quickly and efficiently to get your appliance back in great shape.

In light of Whirlpool’s reach and reputation, their appliances are highly sought out by homeowners everywhere, and here at Dependable Repair Services, we take it upon ourselves to readily be available for any possible repair needs you might have concerning your Whirlpool products, and no matter which appliance or product from Whirlpool Brand you need serviced, you have someone you can depend on to fix it right here at your Douglasville-based Dependable Repair Services.

Source: www.dependableservices.com