Typewriter Repair Services

Typewriter Repair Services

Car Ac Repair / April 17, 2024

Do you have an old typewriter in need of some cleaning or fixing? We are here to help get your typewriter(s) working and looking like they used to back in the old days. The job of repairing typewriters has become a "dying art" and there are only a few reliable typewriter repairmen still repairing typewriters for the public. It's about time when you got that old typewriter sitting in the attic back to use without paying a fortune, isn't it?

What We Can Fix/Do:

  • Basic Cleaning/Oiling - All typewriters need some cleaning and oiling work to be in ideal working condition. Plus, it makes the typewriter really shine and sparkle compared to being covered in dust. This cleaning includes light cosmetic cleaning, but the main focus is on cleaning all the moving parts that need attention.
  • Sticky keys - Typebars that don't return as they should after a key is pressed. These can be a real pain when you're typing since it not only ruins the rhythm, but it also makes you reach into the mechanism in order to push the sticky typebar back into place.
  • A Non-Ringing Bell - It's a drag to not hear the satisfying "ding" at the end of the line.
  • Shift Mechanism - While it's not common that the shift mechanism doesn't work, we can repair it. It's more common for the shift mechanism to be less responsive and slow to use, which we can fix as well.
  • Backspace Mechanism - It's not the most important, but a 100% working typewriter is ideal.
  • Carriage String Repair - This one is a biggie. If your typewriter's carriage does not advance after a key is pressed, you most likely have this issue. The carriage string pulls the carriage along as the typewriter is used. Without the carriage string working properly, a typewriter might as well be considered completely inoperable.
  • Additionally, just about every minor mechanism not listed above can be repaired by us.

The Typewriters 101 Repair Process:

- First, you must write and submit a contact form on the "Contact Us" page. Be sure to include a description of the typewriter and what you think it needs. If something is not working, describe the issues.
- Once the contact form is filled out and submitted, we will write back to you. Pictures of your typewriter will be requested for a FREE quote and estimated time to complete on the repairs.
- If you are okay with the cost of the repair and shipping, you can ship their typewriter to us. The proper shipping address will be given once we are in correspondence. (See )
- You will pay for both legs of the shipment. Once we have completely tackled the repair job, you will have to pay us the amount of return shipping cost on top of what the original quote was through Paypal. We will not request money until the repair job is complete and satisfactory.
- Once the whole job and payment is over, we will ship the typewriter back to you and you can enjoy your improved machine! If you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask us through the "Contact Us" page!

Source: www.typewriters101.com